"A paradox happens when you are at the center point, equally viewing both polarities.
You will find greater peace of mind if you are able to maintain that centre point and view the polarity around you from outside of it. Soon you will realize that the state of detachment can be a profound sense of compassion.
The more individuals on your world who are able to hold that center point of compassion, the more you will experience a paradigm shift as a mass consciousness and as a species. You will then no longer allow polarity to dominate you. Instead, you can use polarity to help you experience the state of paradox, which is a doorway into a greater truth.
The doorway of paradox is built on polarity, so it is an essential component.  We're not talking about eliminating polarity, we are talking about using it like fusion to create an energy source that propels you into another level of reality. That's the key to why you set up polarity to begin with: It is an energy source. 
All is energy, so you're all fusing the atom, so to speak. "